#yyc election 2010: The Burrows “Smart Card”

The first thing I thought when I saw Burrow jump from 0% to 48%  on my poll (the one of the left hand side of this website) was that someone hijacked my poll in his favour. Now I’m not too sure.

He seems to be floating some interesting ideas that might just take root in the minds of Calgarians.

I know, I know–he’s a long shot in this race, and not a party to the two-horse race Hehr vs McIver so he isn’t receiving much attention. The media has glossed him over and, well, I think quite a few Calgarians have tossed him in favour of looking toward perceivably more popular choices. I think this is a shame, really.

I’m positive if he can elbow his way into my blog by marshalling almost 40 citizens to flip the results of a poll on this wee-out-of-the-way blog he should be able to edge his way into the media and the minds of Calgarians. And I think this’ll be great, actually. I think him being a big voice in the election will be a great thing because he has floated a really great idea in a race that, more or less, has been void of them over the last few months.

It’s the Burrows “Smart Card”.

It calls for a streamlining of government, really. It pulls away bureaucracy, pushes for quick access along with open access, and allows for comfort/ease. Cost and its implementation might be an issue, but the monies saved by, say, not needing to collect coinage from meters or the need to have a lot of staff at community centres or city hall.

And it’s not only cost, though. Two things are key with this kind of tool: crime prevention and metrics. On the former, we can track activities, find people, and coordinate with police with this tool so as to keep Calgarians safe. On the other side of this coin, we can measure to usage of services by these cards–meaning that city hall can judge what is or isn’t working.

It’s a great idea, in other words.

If Mr. Burrows wanted to set himself apart from his competition this was a great way to do it. While all the other campaigns are just starting to wake, he’s out there establishing his existence as a guy who wants easy, simple, and efficient services to Calgarians. And that’s oodles better than what we’ve been hearing from other candidates, who either are quite content with being known as “Mr. No” or are fixated

One Response to #yyc election 2010: The Burrows “Smart Card”

  • Nice post. I like his promise regarding the airport tunnel. We need to do something about the airport authority.

    However, there is the “storm in a teaport” scandal. Remember how he tried to get the city to pays out for a few university courses on corporation governance? Do you think the voters and the media will remember that story?

    And there’s the matter of his loss in the last civic election.
    Which mayoral candidates are you talking about being “fixated” and fixated with what?

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