Garbage Politics: Rumors of Harper’s Marriage Issues

Andrew Cohen and Norman Spector are peddling gossip aimed not at improving the debates of today but focusing on garbage politics. And it is garbage politics. Spector, in the pulled Globe and Mail piece, writes that the supposedly failing marriage between Stephen Harper and his wife may have been the cause of “bizarre” decisions like removing the census. And there is more just like it.

Not only is that illogical, it is also bland garbage that is more appropriate for the tabloids… if anyone was actually interested at all in the bile Spector and Cohen are spewing.

It is wrong to target Harper’s personal life. It is wrong to subject anyone’s marriage to national exposure. It is wrong to public rumors and idiotic prattlings about “what-ifs”. It is wrong to publish meandering “I thinks” and subjective pieces from people whose opinions do not matter in the least.

It is also a notorious abuse of the journalistic profession. While I might not know the trade (and at times I’m very thankful I do not), but there is obviously an abuse here. Rather than telling people what they need to know these two “journalists” have written essentially vacuous and empty refuse that has little purpose other than personally harming a man’s image. And that is wrong. It is a betrayal of a higher duty that journalists ought to be committed to fulfilling. They are not communicating the needed news but filling the public discourse with garbage and idiotic ramblings. This is just the idiotic ramblings of two men who are unwilling to go out and do real work, and it’s harming Canada.

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  • We can only presume that Mr. Harper is a family man.

  • There’s a story here. Perhaps it’s a story of politicos inventing trash but I doubt it. I wonder how this story, whatever it is, would be reported in the US or UK?

    The over-reaction smells odd.

  • When Pierre and Margaret parted, it was all over the news ……what is different here.? What is everybody woried about , it does happen.

    • I would suggest that when Pierre and Margaret separated they, ummm, actually separated. If the Harpers split and there is evidence of such (see Susan Delacourt on that point) I am sure every newspaper will report it, and rightly so because it will be news.

      • I would suggest that BEFORE Pierre and Margaret separated the problems in their marriage was discussed openly on radio, television, newspapers and in the population in general.

  • I agree with Kephalos – there certainly was a story created when Ezra Levant rumoured that Pierre Pettigrew was having an affair with his chauffeur. IHad Ezra bothered to check the information he would have realised that the chauffeur was a heterosexual father of two. The chauffeur’s children were traumatized by this affair and could not attend school for some time after the Western Standard published these rumours and the press started spreading them. But Pettigrew was a liberal, and to a Conservative like Ezra, was fair game, and the consequence on the children.

    I don’t like this kind of politics but it has been encouraged by Harper’s Conservatives in their personal attacks against Mr. Dion – and his family, including the family dog, in the House of Commons! If you can make fun of a liberal leader’s family life in the house of commons, I am not surprised that Harper and his family are the victims of this. We do live in the Harperian era of politics, and it is all very personal, isn’t it?

    • His comment about hearing that Dion is a “family man” was perceived by many as a slur about Dion’s adopted child. And yet Harper never attempted to correct that perception.

      That says a lot about the man.

  • Merry Christmas everybody. Say a prayer for the NATO soldiers and personnel in Afghanistan, and not to forget that today is just another workday for them.

    Another strange thing about the story around the story is that the PMO has a habit of front-running ‘bad’ news. So it’s odd that on the day before Christmas the Globe allows and then disallows a bad story. Come to think of it, maybe it’s not so odd.

    It’s kinda like they want the effect of getting a neutered story halfway out so they can say ‘O! that’s old boring news.’

    Spector may not be a close friend of these ‘C’onservatives but he has a lot of friends at that old boys’ club.

    Peace, love, joy and hope to all, eh?

  • Hmm

    While BC Blue whines about being “classy”, the fact is Lorraine is only quoting Harper’s comment about Dion. I wonder if BC Blue whined about it when Harper did that?

    I agree with Lorraine in that I feel absolutely no sympathy at all for Harper, or quite frankly his wife, given his performance to date and his support for the vile nasty school yard attacks on Stephane Dion and his family. That said, since the Harpers have two children who most certainly did not do anything to deserve such hurtful gossip (despite Harper’s tendancy to trot them out as props during the elections), I am opposed to this kind of rumour mongering – and would be even if it were all true.

    You see, unlike Stephen Harper I do not think it is OK to hurt innocent people to score a childish political point.

  • I agree with Annie.
    But rumours aren’t helpful.
    Better to wait for a statement that says it’s a rumour and a false one.

  • Okay… I think I got it. The non-story is that they are living apart and normally married. The real story is that the MSM and sycophants like Della and Kinny have freaked their NYOBs. And the Globe gets the funny costume prize for unprinting a blog.

    Did I get that right?

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