Conrad Black: Our Warren Buffet?

Freed from the US prison system Conrad Black is challenging Harper, Canada, and Americans on their failed policies. Particularly around prison reform. A businessman with good arguing skills, the chops to take on a government or two, and with the skills to spread his knowledge, Conrad Black may very well be our Warren Buffet.

For those who are unaware of Warren Buffet, he is an investor with more money than most countries, and he rose to fame quite quickly in political circles when he broached the topic of fair taxation. Particularly, he drew issue with his secretary being taxed at a far higher relative rate than he was.

Powerful, smart men who can take a stand on a fundamental issue with powerful, thoughtful ideas that can shake every person from every political persuasion from their slumber is something to be admired. You might disagree with him on his legal issues and him coming back to Canada, but he will bring a certain fight on a subject that needs some serious discussion.

2 Responses to Conrad Black: Our Warren Buffet?

  • He won’t say much that others haven’t already said. I would prefer not to hear any more from him on any subject.

  • Debate forsaken because you don’t like the other persons’ name is a very dangerous game indeed. Soon you are Russia or China. Voluntary ignorance is still ignorance.

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