Harvey Locke Wins Liberal Nomination with 58% of the Vote

With membership tripling in the month and a half of campaigning, four strong candidates, and a positive campaign to win the nomination for the Liberal Party of Canada in Calgary-Centre, the race for the nomination has come to a close with Harvey Locke as the Liberal nominee.


Pulling it in a landslide of 58% of the vote, Locke was elected with 213 votes. Full results below.

  • Drew Atkins: 38
  • Harvey Locke: 213
  • Rahim Sajan: 78
  • Steve Turner: 10

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3 Responses to Harvey Locke Wins Liberal Nomination with 58% of the Vote

  • Way to vote in another tried true red liberal. You guys will never learn you can’t win and won’t win even against a kitten eaten monster like the one the Cons elected when you keep electing the same type of person. Don’t bother commenting back, we both know I am right, and unfortunately because the liberals won’t see the light or actually more stubborn than a Conservative cabinet minister, you will ensure Calgary stays true blue. Bad choice in Harvey when you had so many more appealing candidates to choose from for soft conservatives and new voters, mark my word, he won’t win Calgary Centre because he won’t be left enough for the real lefties out there, and definitely not conservative enough (I don’t care what he says) for the progressives, and doesn’t do anything to resonate with anyone but the same morons who just elected him in.

    • Temper, temper! Who rustled your little kittens?

      I have not had a chance to meet the candidates, but an impressive group vied for the nomination, and now that the membership has spoken, Harvey should be a lock to win the riding.

      What were you hoping for? A Harper clone?

  • Hello Ryan,

    You’re wrong for two reasons.

    Reason one, is that Harvey Locke campaigns HARD. He has a strong message, a good and growing team, and the backing of the other candidates who didn’t win (or, at least most of them). You will be surprised. He is also supported by the community and has deep roots in Calgary-Centre.

    Reason number two, is that the NDP are a joke in Calgary and wont gather much support in Centre. Especially since their anti- Oil sands rhetoric makes them a terrible choice for Centre voters — many who work in industry and know the catastrophic economic results of an NDP government would have for Canada. Additionally, the Green Party leader wanted to ban wifi in schools: which runs in the face of every effort to educate children and promote an educated debate in both the parliament and our democracy. This makes the Greens an after thought.

    Ryan, you’re just plain wrong here. Harvey Locke represents change in Calgary-Centre. Just you watch.

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