With a week to go Harvey Locke is 2% short of taking on the Tories and winning in Calgary-Centre.

It’s that close. That’s some 100 votes. This is a once in 40 years chance to upset the Tories, send them a message, and show that Calgarians wont be taken for granted.

This is what I need from you.

  • Come down to campaign HQ and volunteer (Here). Or, if you can’t, phone us up and get set up phoning from home. Every voice, every action, and every second counts.
  • Donate the 2% – $5 can pay for 30 door-knockers. $10 can identify 40 new supporters. $25 can cover about 100 essential get-out-the-vote phone calls on Election Day, when it really counts. When the race comes down to 100 votes what you do today and in the next week counts.
  • Take on the online conversation: we have a great candidate who is passionate about fiscal prudent, socially progressive, and environmentally sensible at home and abroad. Take to #yyccentre, #byelxn41, like Harvey Locke, follow him on twitter, and talk about him on facebook! Share this progressive and intelligent candidate!

It’s rare for this blogger to ask you for stuff (aside from voting for me in the one off blogging award — by the way, remember to vote for me here) So, do it.

A Quick Aside

It feels good to be finally vindicated. We’ve had the pieces in Calgary for a long time to build a serious campaign and to push over the top to get a progressive, intelligent candidate elected in Calgary. When I wrote about Calgary being a place to watch more than year ago for the Liberals, I was proven right. When I wrote on this blog that Harvey Locke has momentum — I was right. When I wrote last week about the Tories flipping to the Liberals — for a progressive, intelligent candidate (Harvey Locke) — and the recent poll confirming it to be so, showing that I’m right.


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