10,000 Doors in One Day — Calgary-Centre: It’s Close.

It’s close. Yesterday the Harvey Locke team in Calgary-Centre ID untold numbers of voters and knocked on 10,000 doors. The race is close in Calgary-Centre and, for the first time in almost 40 years, a Liberal might be sent to Ottawa from Calgary.

I’ve just come off the doors in a deep blue Tory poll in Calgary-Centre. We’ve got more signs than Crockatt in that poll, and when the voter is not decided they are open to be persuaded into voting Liberal.

The Tories are scared. When the Tories unleashed attacks on the Liberals this week it’s because they know the Liberals are on their heels. They released quotes made by Justin Trudeau — that they were definitely saving for the leadership race — way before they wanted to, it means they’re threatened.

The progressive vote is beginning to coalesce around Harvey Locke. We’ve had prominent progressive conservatives come to support Harvey. Last night a member of the Green Party of Canada’s own federal council and past candidate has resigned from the Green’s party council and endorsed Harvey Locke.  The first pollster to pick up on Nenshi’s 2010 miracle has the Green vote falling back to 2011 levels and ThreeHundredEight.com backs up Return on Insight’s poll.

It’s so close that the Locke campaign released this video to ask for progressives to support the creation of a politically diverse Calgary at the federal level:

If it’s anytime it’s now. The opening is here for a progressive Calgarian to finally get representation in Calgary. On Monday it’s so close for the Liberals that every voter in Calgary should take a moment and consider the amazing candidate that is Harvey Locke.

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