Three Reasons You Should Vote for Harvey Locke

A lot of talk has been made of strategic voting in the last week. While Harvey Locke does have the best chance (see this poll for the latest information and Locke’s appeal here) there is something to be said about him as a candidate. There is no reason anyone would feel the need to hold their nose to vote for a candidate as amazing, as balanced, as progressive, and as rooted in the community.

Here are my three reasons why Harvey Locke deserves your vote tomorrow (November 26th).

(1) An Amazing Candidate: A good candidate can increase the traditional vote by 5%. A great candidate can increase it by 10%. Harvey Locke has more than doubled the support of the Liberals in Calgary-Centre. There’s a reason for this. He is a skilled campaigner, a knowledgeable man, and a chap of immense character. And people know that.

I was door knocking with him around Elbow Park — he was pointing out the old school he attended that has since been converted into a house (it was one of those old single room schools), we were meeting people with he has had relationships that stretched for decades, and his deep connection to the community is stunning. His family were one of the original families who helped settle Calgary.

When you want a local candidate that is deeply passionate about his community, Harvey Locke is it. When you want a local candidate who has deep roots in his community, Harvey Locke is it. When you want a candidate that is credible, accessible, and of deep character, Harvey Locke is it.

(2) A Balanced and Progressive Man. He was a oil and gas litigator for fourteen years advocating for the interests of clients, and has, for the last fourteen years, has championed the environment. The Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative is his brainchild and has secured the future of the environment and nature across numerous boundaries for generations to come. This is a man who can balance the environment and business.

His whole approach to this election has been on a sense of balance. He has articulated a sense of progressive values that haven’t been articulated for a long time. It’s a type of progressiveness that is fiscally prudent, socially progressive, and environmentally responsible at home and abroad. It’s a set of principles that is a clarion call to those who are passionate about the environment (like he is), worried about the fiscal future of Canada (like he is), and the need to protect the individual liberty and fulfill their responsibilities to each other (like he has articulated again and again).

He also appeals to the folks that are concerned about Calgary’s and Canada’s future. Greens, progressive conservatives, Progressive Conservatives, past Tories, liberals/Liberals, dippers, and many others can unite under his common message. And they have. It’s what makes him a marvelous representative that’ll stand up for those in Calgary who have been denied representation in Ottawa — of a balanced, intelligent progressiveness.

(3) It’s Time to Send a Message: Calgary is being taken for granted.

Harper hasn’t showed up in Calgary this entire byelection. The Tories barely campaign out in Calgary during a federal election anyway.

When the Tories pulled the funding for Calgary’s recreation centres… what happened? Nothing. The Members of Parliament didn’t complain when the funding was pulled hours to midnight of the deadline for a decision and the rug of thoroughly pulled from beneath Calgarians. And no Tory Member of Parliament stood up for them.

When the Tories can run a candidate who tells that people should google her positions when she’s up on stage and in a forum… or when the candidate doesn’t show up at all — opting to send tweets to our mayor at one in the morning to remind him about all the Tories have done for the city. Nenshi did not take too kindly to this. And Calgary-Centre shouldn’t take too kindly to this taking for granted of Calgarians. The Conservative party neither owns Calgary nor is owed anything by Calgarians.

It’s about time that the Conservatives be sent a message. Harvey Locke can do that. It wont change the government but what it will do is tell Harper that he can’t take Calgary for granted anymore. And that, I think, is a good thing.

So vote for Harvey Locke tomorrow, Calgarians.

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