I’m with Raj. (Mergers, Kent Hehr, cont.)

Just pointing something out here.

Raj Sherman says Kent Hehr can speak his mind on mergers and the very base frustration that the Liberal MLA from Buffalo has with politics as they stand in Alberta.  Hehr giving voice to that fundamental frustration is fine and well. People who care deeply about the process are frustrated. I’m frustrated, the people in the party are frustrated, and everyone is frustrated.  There are people I admire in other parties that agree with me and I with them many times, and it’s frustrating to see each other work at cross purposes (as I write in my blog post on why I’m opposed to the NDP merger).

And if he finds his values somewhere else, well, he can walk, as Alberta Liberal party president Todd Van Vliet has suggested as a possibility (note that it’s just a possibility as Kent Hehr has rejected it).

  • But Hehr is a Liberal, through and through, and he’ll stay with the party. In the above Calgary Herald article Kent Hehr states that he’s proud of being a Liberal and is giving voice to a fundamental frustration with what is going on in Alberta. He wouldn’t be doing his job if he wasn’t representing the frustration of people all across Alberta.
  • And Raj wont kick him out because he probably shares in this fundamental frustration with his fellow Liberal MLA. Also, Raj doesn’t kick people out. I think that runs counter to his whole existence as a person.

So, just pointing this out. For clarity, truth to power, etcetera, etcetera.

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