Liberal Crybabies

So the other day I found this article popping up on my feed. In this article Liberal leadership candidates Ms. Murray and Ms. Coyne allege that the party is “undermining” the leadership election process by keeping the supporter lists of each candidate separate until March 3rd — some six weeks before the actual vote for the Liberal leadership.

As a strong advocate of the system — I called for it at the provincial level and then again went to Ottawa to champion for it there – I see the actions of the party brass and the organizers of the leadership vote totally in the right here.

Leadership campaigns need to reach out to everyone and they should reach out to them — so they should go out and reach out to them. Register those supporters, reach out to the Canadians that want a positive vision for the country, and build a campaign team to do so.

If you can’t do that then go home.

If you can’t convert supporters of another candidate in 6 weeks then go home. If you want to sit on your rump and just blast out emails to other people’s supporters and expect to win that way, give up and stay away.

The supporter system is forcing candidates to reach out to Canadians in order to listen and take on the humility that such a mandate demands from them. So Ms. Murray and Coyne should go out and do it. Anything else is a waste of time.

3 Responses to Liberal Crybabies

  • I don’t really understand what they’re even getting at, maybe it can be explained better to me.

    I signed up to receive email updates from Hall Findlay and Garneau. I later went to sign up as a supporter, I almost did it on one of their websites but then decided to do so on the Liberal Website. The only ones I receive email updates from is Hall Findlay and Garneau, and I don’t want to hear from the rest. If signing up as a supporter on the Liberal website means I’m going to be harassed by other candidates I will not be impressed.

  • Well yes, I agree with your post. You didn’t need to go on and write another though, it sounded whiny, and made too many arguments about a passing issue. Just in the name of controlling the spam fest, it is wise of the Party to restrict access. When I worked on Elizabeth May’s campaign, all candidates were permitted two emails to all members, supporters, past members, etc. basically, the entire Green Party contact list. The candidates could pick the time, and create their own content which the party sent out. they were also enitled to send two direct mail pieces, but the party controlled distribution of the mail, and the emails. That avoided the problem of spamming the donor lists, and ensured that every candidate had equal, if limited access to all the data. The phone numbers ( divorced from email addresses) were available to all contestants, and supplied the campaigns with plenty of fodder for recruiting past members and supporters. It worked, and was fairly administered. No sour grapes on any candidates teams on access to data.

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