Alberta. Something is Broken


Broken In Alberta


Let me run through the last two months of scandals to you, dearest reader.

It’s not their fault, the governing party cries. It’s never their fault.

It’s the economy — it collapsed, there’s bitumen bubble, it’s this or that. Rod Love (Ralph Klein’s campaign manager and powerful Progressive Conservative backroomer) takes a hammer to smash the idea that it’s a failure on the part of the government that infrastructure has been lagging behind all these years — and does it gleefully. And the current budgetary situation? A firm over-estimation of revenues from oil, that many saw a year in advance of not being even remotely close to reality, and a severe underestimation of the differential between what the world oil price is and what Albertans sell it for.

In the end, it’s not the Tories fault, they exclaim. It’s not their fault, even though these issues has been showcased again and again for decades. And they’ll find a legal way out — like the legalistic squirming from accountability in Tobaccogate — or push the blame onto doctors and teachers.

At one point this broken party, with a broken message, and a set of broken people with broken principles, will have to break down. And it will happen sooner rather than later.

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