So how did you get them emails, Ms. Redford?

This week Education Minister Jeff Johnson sent an email to about 30,000 teachers. This is frightening for two reasons.

(1) It is an abuse of private information of citizens. As Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman points out in a press release today it likely violates FOIP as Alberta’s teachers gave those emails solely for the purpose of registering as professionals in Alberta, and not to receive the government’s press releases and spam.

(2) Next, it directly interferes with the bargaining process that the province is going through with teachers right at this moment. It goes over the head of negotiators in each of the school boards and harms the process that has been put forward in the last year. This is reminiscent of the ramshod activities the government has taken against doctors.

This is bad. It showcases that the governing party isn’t interested in the processes to actually respect the data of citizens. As a civil liberties issue it is of fundamental importance to protect the rights of privacy of citizens in Alberta from the terrible infringement that the government has partaken in today.

There are some things that a government should not do. This is one of them.

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