Budget 2013: Petty Politics in the PCs (updated)

Update: Premier Redford’s twitter account has just tweeted that she phoned the Scott Hennig and invited the Canadian Taxpayers Federation to attend the budget lockup. The tweet is below.




The Conservatives, in a grand act of pettiness, have punted the Canadian Taxpayers Federation from the budget lockup on the 7th. It is likely in response to the organization holding the government’s feet to the fire.

The budget lockup is a long tradition of the province that invites politicians from the opposition benches, the media, and major interest groups into a room to study the budget before it’s released to the public. While in the room they cannot communicate with the outside. This is an important function of the budgetary process that allows the media and the public to be informed about the budget. It strikes at the core of parliamentary democracy to have the public and the official opposition informed, and that it is key in holding government to account.

To hold government to account requires an informed public and knowledgeable opposition.

And this government is not accountable. To toss a group that has been included in the budget lockup for at least 20 years, that is the largest organization in Canada that represents taxpayers, and is a fundamental player in holding governments to account, is a terrible uprooting of the principles that govern this province.

And it is in a long line of petty things the Conservatives have done. It’s a sad day for Alberta… but it’s politics as usual.


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