Why I Run

When Redford’s Conservatives cut persons with developmental disabilities programs, I can only look on aghast as funding for my three handicapped siblings is cut. When Redford guts palliative care nurses I can only remember caring for my grandmother, an ex-nurse who spent more than 40 years in the profession, who died last year vowing never to live in care center until her very last moments. Then when Redford allowed for market modifiers to entrench themselves at the University of Calgary, fees raised on students with little accountability, cut funding for post-secondary, and allows for programs like CDI to go on bilking students, I look at my last year of education and how I had to go for student loans for the first time to pay for my education.

These are bad decisions that continue to have rippling effects on people, Alberta, and the future.

What the Redford Conservatives have been doing for the last year fundamentally offends every fiber of my being. The legacy of forty plus years of Conservative reign leave a rotten taste in my mouth.

My name is Vincent St. Pierre and I’m running for Vice President (Communications) of the Alberta Liberal Party. Let me tell you why I’m running for this position.

I am running to solve some problems in the party. This is a given. Between investing in substantive changes like a party-wide database and putting more effort towards communicating with the membership, I think I have the best skills and abilities to make a positive improvement to the party. As I note in my video for my campaign, there are significant pieces of work to be done to prepare for 2016.

But these are technical things and issues of tools. Beyond the technical and the basic tenets of leadership so important in an executive position of a political organization there is always a driving force: a purpose.

It’s why I’m running. It’s why I’m blogging. It’s why I give my time and my energy to the political process when so many turn away.

My values are not in government. I am not represented in government by people who share my values. And it’s why I’m running.


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  • Vincent, I’m glad to see someone with experience as a constituency association president throw his hat in the ring. I’ve had some experience as a CA president (although not for the Liberals) and it’s very difficult to accomplish anything without solid support from the party’s communications VP. Best of luck!
    Susan Wright

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