PC MLA Caught in Prostitution Sting Operation

PC MLA Sex sting

Resigning from the Conservative caucus today Ft. McMurray MLA Mike Allen now sits as a independent in the legislature after being arrested in Minnesota due to being caught in a prostitution sting. According to the Edmonton Journal he approached two undercover police officers and agreed to exchange money for sexual services. He now joins Edmonton-Manning MLA Peter Sandhu who resigned after making false statements on legal documents for a construction company that had more than $100,000 in debt.

Soon after the scandal was made known to Albertans the Wildrose called for Allen to resign from his seat and for his riding to face a by-election. As per usual this is a theatrical attempt to push the issue to the fore of Alberta with very little resulting from any such call for his resignation. What is likely going to happen is that the Conservative MLA will join his fellow ex-caucus member as an independent, twiddling his thumbs as a lump in the legislature rather than a lump in the Conservative backbenches.  After that he will be ignored by Albertans, the media, and the legislature, much like fellow disgraced Conservative MLA Peter Sandhu.

This hasn’t been the first time a provincial politician has been caught in a sex scandal. In fact, Premier John Brownlee in 1934 was forced to resign after being successfully sued for the seduction of an 18 year-old secretary by the name of Vivian MacMillan. Judging by the reporting by the Edmonton Bulletin and other newspapers the scandal reached massive public proportions and ultimately caused the end of the premier’s reign. This began part of the end of the United Farmers of Alberta. The next election the United Farmers were replaced by William Aberhart’s Social Credit as Alberta’s governing party¬†of choice for the next 30 years.

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