The Alberta Liberals’ Biggest Gamble Yet

In life, and in politics, risk normally matches reward.

And the Alberta Liberals are throwing a die so far, so long, that it overshadows any risk the party has ever taken on before. And the reward may in fact be massive if all goes well.

Today Kent Hehr announced his run for Member of Parliament by gunning for the nomination of the Liberal Party of Canada in Calgary Centre. For those curious and unfamiliar with the nomination process what takes over from here is that Mr. Hehr will engage in a nomination contest for the nod from the party to run under the Liberal label. Essentially anyone who wants to run for the party does so by selling memberships and, at the end of the contest, come together for a vote where a final candidate is selected. And then there’s the general election.

Now, back to the Alberta Liberals.

The best and most ready way to expand the amount of voters willing to volunteer, donate, and vote for you is to put fantastic candidates forward, supported by a great brand, and building an equally fantastic team. Pulling two superstars from the Alberta Liberal Party team to go federal will… Continue reading

Comparing PIA’s “Alberta Could” Campaign to the Alberta Liberal’s 2012 Platform

Over the last couple of months Public Interest Alberta has been championing a change to Alberta’s tax code to bring it in line with the rest of Canada and fund desperately needed programs. Nicknamed ‘Alberta Could‘ the campaign calls for progressive taxation and investments in public programs. As someone who is familiar with the 2012 Alberta Liberal platform I couldn’t help but notice some similarities between this campaign the 2012 Alberta Liberal platform.

In the below two charts I have put together a comparison between the Alberta Liberal’s 2012 platform and the Alberta Could campaign.

 Policy Alberta Liberal Platform (2012) Alberta Could Campaign (2014) Is the policy the same?
Change to the Corporate Tax (from 10% to 12%) Change to 12% from 10% (while keeping the small business rate at 3%) Change to 12% from 10% (for companies with more than 50 employees) Yes
Increase Personal Income Taxes for those making over $100,000 Change the Personal Income tax from 10% to 13% Change the Personal Income tax from 10% to 13% Yes
Increase Personal Income Taxes for those making over $150,000 Change the Personal Income tax from 10% to 15% Change the Personal Income tax from… Continue reading

Laurie Blakeman was right. (Again.)

Last year I wrote a blog post about the immense privacy breach by Education Minister Jeff Johnson — a concern first broken to the province by Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman.

And the Privacy Commissioner has confirmed that the mass email sent to 30,000+ teachers was a massive breach, confirming both Blakeman’s and my blog post’s point of view on it.

As shown by the last four weeks — by Jeff Johnson’s intimidation of school boards, demanding that they release all data held by them on teachers who has resigned, retired, or who have been fired/suspended, Min. Johnson in this has tried to make the claim that all teachers in the province work for him and his ministry — and not the locally elected school boards and the province. And it’s a concentration of power for purely political ends as he has exempted Charter and private schools from his extraordinary overreach.

But it hasn’t only been the intimidation of school boards and teachers. He has waged an ongoing war against Alberta’s educators: undermining the process by which they hold their own profession to account, threatening the basic bargaining unit that the Alberta Teachers Association is, and playing a game of divide… Continue reading

The West’s Alternative

The two byelections tonight in Alberta — one in southern Alberta and the other in northern Alberta — have made it clear just who is the alternative to the Conservatives in Alberta.

That alternative is the Liberals.

Through hope, hard work, and a good dose of grit, two local candidates with credibility in their respective ridings tripled or quadrupled previous Liberal support. In Fort McMurray-Athabasca candidate Kyle Harrietha increased Liberal support from 10% to over 35% — more than tripling his support. Dustin Fuller in Macleod boosted the party’s standing from 3.68% to 17% — almost quintupling the previous result.

In the Macleod riding the NDP found themselves only three votes ahead of the fringe Christian Heritage Party (as of 11:37 on June 30th), and every other party found their vote tallies drop.

There’s a good reason for Alberta seeking an alternative to Ottawa’s Conservatives.

You’ve read it on this blog before: the Tories are taking anti-Alberta positions. This election it was seen in the lack of attention to Ft. McMurray’s infrastructure woes, and taking a very anti-Alberta position on Temporary Foreign Workers. Mishandling regulations, the economic foundations of Alberta’s economy, and the pressing need to make… Continue reading

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